Fabricated Tee Strainer A106 Body 48" 150LB Flanged ASME B16.47 For Water Treatment

Fabricated T Type Strainer A106 Body 48in 150LB Flanged Asme B16.47 for Water Treatment


Quick Details

1. Product: Welded T Type Strainer 

2. Sizes: 48"

3. Pressure rating: ANSI 150LB

4. Suitable medium: Water, gas, oil, steam etc.

5. Body material: Carbon Steel A106

6. Screen: Stainless steel 316

7. Perforated Hole Size: 3mm (1/8")

8. End connection: RF

9. Cover Type: Bolted Cover

10. Flow Direction: Straight Through



1. Strainer is a kind of equipment that eliminates a small amount of impurities from liquid and gases. It can protect normal operation to compressor, pump and other equipment as well as instruments, also it can upgrade liquid and gases quality. So it can be widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, chemical fibre, pharmaceutical and food industry etc.

2. T Type Strainer Features

T Type strainer is used to filter, purify and remove the particles from the pipelines, to protect the pump, valve, boiler and other device.

A) Both vertical and horizontal installation.

B) Tee strainer style:

Inline straight through flow T Type strainer,

Angle flow top to side T Type strainer,

Angle flow side to side T Type strainer.


Strainer Applicable Medium
A) Weak corrosively medium for petrochemical production such as water, ammonia, oil and hydrocarbon products etc.

B) Corrosive medium for chemical products such as sodium hydrate, caustic soda, metric acid, acetic acid etc.

C) Low temperature medium for refrigeration, the refrigerant such as liquefied methane, liquefied ammonia, oxygen etc.

D) Industry hygiene medium in light industry, foodstuff and pharmacy such as beer, drink, beverage, dairy products etc.


Strainer Main Technical Paremeters
A) Operating Temperature(oC):CS:-30~380oC, SS: -80~450oC;

B) Operating Pressure(Mpa): 0.6 ~ 2.0 Mpa

C) Body Material: Pipe A106, Steel Plate, SS304, SS304L, SS316, SS316L etc.

D) Seal Material : Asbestos, NBR, PTFE, Graphite+SS.

E) Strainer Element Material: Stainless steel, Duplex Stainless Steel

F) Screen mesh from 10 mesh to 400 mesh,also we can produce according to customer's repuinement.
G) Shell inspection And Test: API598 / ISO5208 




1. T Type Strainer Standards

Design and Manufacture: ASME B16.34
Inspection and Test: API 598
End flange dimension: ASME B16.5, ASME B16.47 A/B
BW end dimension: ASME B16.25
Face to face and end to end: ASME B16.10
(Check valve/Globe valve)
Pressure-temperature ratings: ASME B16.34


2. Main Part and Material List:

Fabricated Tee Strainer A106 Body 48" 150LB Flanged ASME B16.47 For Water Treatment

No. Parts Name Material
1 Screen SS316
2 Drain Plug ASTM A105
3 Gasket Graphite+SS304
4 Cover Nut ASTM A194 2H
5 Cover Bolt ASTM A193 B7
6 Cover ASTM A105
7 Body A106+A105


3. Main Connection Dimensions

Fabricated Tee Strainer A106 Body 48" 150LB Flanged ASME B16.47 For Water Treatment

Size L A G f K D C n-Φ
48" 1950 1200 1290 1.6 1335 1392 65 44-32.5


T Type Strainer

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